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Flashy Gold, Orange and Blue Aurora Borealis Labradorite - Madagascar XL Transformational Ancient Shaman Spirit Sardo DT Smoky Elestial Quartz for Altar Sunny Golden Citrine Lumiere of Atlantis Quartz with a Touch of Smoke XXXL Light of the Ancients Etched Trigonic Starbrary Quartz for Altar



NOTE: The website has been updated and there have been a few glitches ... please let me know if you find a link that doesn't work or a strange marking (diamond with question mark in the center). Thanks! Also if you right click on the display picture for each crystal, it will open larger for you ... I will be making this easier as add new crystals since the new templates have both a thumbnail and enlarged picture and I have to go through each listing and add the enlarged picture. Sorry ... 

Topaz Spirits is a web resource for all things crystalline. Crystalline friends have been emerging to assist us in our Spiritual quests, and their energies have amazing stories for us. As we welcome them into our lives, we experience the Spiritual growth that is possible when we are at one with All That Is.

Integral to this Spiritual quest, part of my role is to send these Spirits to their rightful Keepers. To that end, I will do my best to provide the finest crystals and energy resources for you and your Spiritual pursuits. Please use one of the links in the header above to enter the site - enjoy and come back often!

Remember to start here for the unusual! And, as always, if there is something special you're looking for, please email me. I have a huge inventory and loads of variety ... just allow me time for the dig. :o)

The 'buy buttons' will be disabled while I'm updating the site and adding new crystals. This is being done to facilitate my working and uploading on the site. I'll turn the buy power back on when I'm done ... you can still explore the site and read about the crystals at your leisure.

This site uses a pop-up to display extra pictures. Please enable pop-ups (Topaz Spirits and MerchantMoms) for this site. Topaz Spirits allows you to move from one item to the other and MerchantMoms is the image host. When you click on the link for extra images, there will be a blank page with "Loading....." on it plus the pop-up. To navigate back to the item, just hit the "back" button on your browser.Some older PCs can't access the pictures, but can with a 'control-right click'. Interestingly, this generates the pop-up without opening a new window. And for the Apple/Safari users, there is a small issue with the pictures on this pop-up. If you hit the button right on the arrow, the pictures won't advance. If you hit off to the side (like right on the inner edge of the button), the pictures advance. It really works! And PLEASE READ Shipping and Payment Policies before you buy! AND PLEASE, don't forget your email on the form!

New listings on this website are updated every two weeks (more often if I can do it) and the most recent ones are shown at left. The next website update will be Sunday, November 6, 2016. Note that this is three weeks! Also note shipping policies have changed ... please visit Shipping and Payment Policies. 

Also, when placing an order, don't forget to check the two boxes at the end ... sometimes the order doesn't go through unless checked. AND AS A SPECIAL NOTE, THE ORDER IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOU PRESS THE FINAL BUTTON TO COMMIT TO THE SALE. Until you do, the crystal can be bought by another buyer. Single crystals will not allow a double purchase, but several on the same order will. I regret this happening, but it's the nature of shopping carts. In the case of duplicate orders, the crystal will be given to the first purchaser. If you order something and don't get a confirmation, please email me and I'll check on it! Or, if you purchase something and do get a confirmation, but don't get an invoice within 24 hours, please email. My email glitches sometimes "filter" things unintentionally. THANKS and I look forward to working with you!


Topaz Spirits policies (including lay-away and open boxes) are stated on the Shipping and Payment Policies page. Please read as there are new international shipping rates. Note that the policies have been updated. Also note that effective January 17, 2016, the US Post Office raised the postal rates, so shipping costs have gone up.

If you want copies of the write-ups and pictures for the crystals you buy, I am pleased to provide them to you with the understanding that both are my copyrights and cannot be used for your resale without my express, written permission. Please ask me for the write-ups and pictures at the time you purchase. :o)


I am trying to do newsletters once a quarter. Previous newsletters can be found on the Newsletter page.


Your comments are always welcome for newsletter topics, additions, general comments, crystal offerings, questions, etc. ... please use the contact link at left. :o)

Thanks and blessings always!


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